Apricity Gallery is a place designated, not only for the making of art, but also to invite the larger community to participate through gallery openings, events, classes, and the ongoing accessibility for the public to witness and share the process.  Featured as part of the First Friday art tour & Open Studios, Apricity Gallery often showcases a guest artist(s) and/or the paintings of in-house artist, Sarah Bianco. Gallery hours and other events such as workshops and classes will be held throughout the month and will be posted on our calendar.

Tannery Arts Center,  1060 River St. Studio #104, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sarah Bianco

Artist & Gallery Director


Sarah Bianco, born and raised in northwest Indiana, has lived in Santa Cruz since 1998 and received her BFA in drawing & painting from UCSC. All of her work, including prints of her paintings, can be seen at her fine art site sarahbianco.com. In addition to her fine art, since 2004 she has been running her decorative painting and design business, Painting by Bianco, providing services such as house painting, decorative paint finishes, murals, interior design and custom artwork for residential and commercial spaces around the Bay Area and beyond. Sarah has resided at the Tannery Artspace Lofts since they opened in 2009 now paints and shows her work at Apricity Gallery at the working studios section of the Tannery Arts Center.


The process of my painting is similar to abstract expressionism, providing an opportunity to witness creation in the absence of control and structure. As the piece unfolds, it’s a discovery to find a resting place in the midst of the chaos. The loose composition allows a unique interaction between the image and viewer, leaving space for personal interpretation.  The work has stemmed from pure abstraction, then moved into the integration of figures in motion.  The latest series has been a bridge between the commercial painting and fine art, by using my canvas drop cloths as the surfaces of the paintings.  Further conceptual themes such as, how humans simultaneously interact with the internal and external universe, are explored on these broken-in, littered landscapes.

Making the work is an attempt of bringing the nondescript and unattainable into form through color and shapes;
finding balance between an action and surrender. It’s about taking the jump or plunge, and yet be willing to stay suspended when necessary, fluid and available.

With a landscaped feeling, though of an other worldly time, the pieces capture essence of place, innocence, wonder, the unknown depths of consciousness and sweet serenity.