Fun-A-Day 2015

Make Art Daily

Originally launched a decade ago by Philadelphia’s ArtClash Collective, Fun-A-Day is a simple concept that produces beautiful results. As a non-juried, all inclusive community event, participants choose a project and produce one piece of artwork every day for the entire month of January. The 31 resulting pieces create a narrative outlining each artist’s journey through the first month of the year. Projects vary from lighthearted to serious, high-brow to low-brow. Hosted by Apricity Gallery, Santa Cruz’ Fun-A-Day group show included a variety of disciplines and styles, from painting to textiles to the art of sound. Fun-a-Day started in Philadelphia 11 years ago and is now happening in over 20 cities.




Solo Show: HJ MOOIJ

HJ Mooij has a mother and a father and a brother and a name and was born and learned things but never wasted time trying to understand things or cover them in words; instead he made things that he was moved to make because the universe asked him to make things to liven up the dull people busy being sad even though volcanos on other planets were busy doing the same thing and erupting pieces of the art of hj mooij, like a volcano erupting on another planet, it happens whether or not people see it.



Whatever Floats Your Boat

Tiny Boats Afloat

In early August, Apricity Gallery put out a call to artists to make a tiny boat and submit to be shown in the September First Friday exhibit. The guidelines were that boats be made exclusively of all natural materials: wood, leaves, flowers, grass, feathers etc., nothing man made. The boat must be able to float, include some sort of sail, and be 10 inches or less in size.



I Came, I Saw…

Slovakia to Santa Cruz

For more than two weeks a group of artists from Slovakia has been exploring the Santa Cruz county and Bay area. In their mostly open air studios under the majestic redwoods in Boulder Creek, they have been working on new art pieces. Drawing inspiration from urban aesthetics of San Francisco and Oakland, oceanic wild life in Santa Cruz, American pop culture, history or nature they have created a compact exhibition that provides the viewer with a great chance to get to know Eastern European contemporary art scene.



Exposing Things We Do in the Dark

A multi-media show of 17 artists exploring the topic of all things taboo. Artists include: Sarah Bianco, Crystal Liebold, Carlos Dye, D. Weed, Laura Laura, Poppy DeGarmo, Rob Larson, Big Dog, Margaret Niven, Stephen Lynch, Jenny Markowitz, Johanna Atkinson, Jennifer Nicole, Santa Cruz Glassworx, Boro Toys, & Wicked Toys.

Itty Art Show

30 Artists Express Themselves in 2×2 inches

The “ITTY” art show in Santa Cruz is an exhibit of 30 local artists creating works no larger than 2 by 2 inches and will open at the Apricity Gallery on First Friday, Feb. 7. “ITTY” is the brainchild of artists Sarah Bianco, Jesse Autumn, and Crystal Liebold who asked themselves the question, “does size really matter?”