Exposing Things We Do in the Dark


Living in an open society allows us to experience the obvious…………sexy ads, double entendre, dirty words, revealing clothing. But it is the unseen that grabs our interest. The unseen and the unspoken is in all of us. Many of us think that we have moved beyond cultural restrictions. Yet, isn’t there always an internal struggle to come to terms with our own private thoughts and actions along with the dichotomy in the world? There is a coming to terms that allows us to reveal ourselves when we look in the mirror, or in to another’s eyes As uncomfortable as this might be, it is the beginning of real freedom. Until we confront our own inner secrets, we cannot fully open up to each other or experience true empathy. Lifting the veil of our secret lives removes the power the secrets hold.

Taboo opened June 21 as a part of the Tanniversary celebration and ran through July 12, 2014.  Visual art included the mediums of painting, drawing, mixed media, leather, glass, assemblage, and an installation for interactive improv performance.